Shan Fish Tomato

Shan Fish Tomato
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Customarily the end of monsoon in Myanmar heralds an ideal climate stretching to around six to eight months for travel. The rainy season has ended as the cold season begins. The sky is clear and sunny and the weather is cool. Of course it is cooler in the hilly regions in the upper reaches of Shan State in the north east.

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Shan Fish Tomato

Kachin State in the north and the Chin Hills in the north west reaches. where the temperature dips to the fringes of freezing discomfort to Yangonites. Especially magnificent. for me and my likes is the bewitching panorama and chilling sensation of the hilly regions. where the wind bites into your face. where the verdant green of the mountains. the hazy blue of the mountain mists. and the multi-colour attired ethnic peoples enthrall you. Equally fascinating is the simple and nourishing food the Shan chefs have to offer to the gourmets in quest for exotic food of the regions. Such a wide array and variety are there for you to taste and enjoy. And I for the love of it have volunteered myself to allure you to the delights of these snacks. The Shan Fish-tomato rice snack will the topic of my presentation.(Mandalay Myee Shay)

Ingredients Ingredients


  • Rice (preferably Shan variety)
  • fresh-water fish (Ophiocephalus striatus) preferably those fished from the Inlay Lake
  • some tomato. onion. garlic
  • some tamarind pulp
  • some coriandar leaves
  • some dried red chilli
  • some dried soybean cake
  • some salt and oil